Our wonderful northern adventure in the mystical land of Norway… 

Norway! What a beautiful place, it was for sure an adventure to get to the fjord where we were staying in Lauvstad. multiple planes, from big passenger jets to tiny propellor planes, a Ferry, motor Boats and even a couple of kayaks were used on this adventurous holiday. 
When we arrived at our super cute little Airbnb it was like an adult sized wendy house! With a perfect little kitchen and all the basic amenities we needed.  There was only one shop nearby (I managed to find Richard an ice-cream Birthday cake with a little norwegian flag on the top.) 

I climbed my first mountain on this holiday fuelled by jam sandwiches . It was a long way up, bringing the tripod with us on the long climb to get pictures at the top, once at the top there was snow even in August! the view was unbelievable.

We spent our days exploring the Fjords, and one of the days we ventured out on a pair of Kayaks. With our evenings cuddled round a big camp fire, it really was a very special time away.

If your thinking about getting married or eloping...or even getting engaged in Norway then go for it, it's simply stunning.