We are getting married!

One week since I said the biggest ever yes to marrying the man of my dreams. 

On the very last day of our 3 month travel trip around south east Asia, we were enjoying the last moments in our villa B.saya. I was feeling a bit blue about the thought of going back to cold England, where the weather forecast was 3°c and in Bali the weather was 30°c! 

We had made a handful of wonderful friends in our last month of Bali and we felt we were getting into a routine of going to yoga classes, eating fantastic vegan food and because we were having such a magical time, it made the thought of going home and leaving behind our new friends a bit harder. 

Then the most amazing thing happened… Richard was on one knee, pulling a ring out of his pocket and asking me to marry him! 

Of course I said the biggest yes, yes yes yes!!! I felt as if I was dreaming. I still feel in complete bliss as if I’m living in a little bubble of love. 

We hugged tight and I stared at my beautiful ring in awe.

We had a big cuddle and then went outside our room and looked over at the view of the rice paddies and I just felt so blessed to be there in that moment with the man of my dreams, in the place I had spent so many years dreaming of visiting and now I had a beautiful ring on my finger and was going to be a bride! It was one of those moments where I just felt full of so many emotions and so much love, happiness and gratitude.

Soon afterwards we had to pack our things up and get ready to fly home to England, but now with the news of our engagement, I was looking forward to showing everyone and telling everyone about our plans to get married! 

Since being home in England it’s been a busy week going to different family members houses and telling them the news and it’s been so lovely to see how excited everyone is.

I plan to keep this blog up to date as much as possible with the aim of posting updates weekly so you can follow our wedding planning, it may help a few of you out who have also recently got engaged!



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