Brighton Town Hall Elopement

This wedding started very different for me then all my other weddings, Richard and I were out shopping in Brighton, it was a beautiful hot sunny day and we were enjoying a stroll together down the lanes and around Brighton town. We walked past Brighton town hall when we noticed a newly married couple standing in the doorway, it was clear they had no photographer with them as they were taking pictures using their phones.
I happened to have my camera, two batteries and half full memory card in my bag, so asked if they would like me to get some portraits of the two of them, we didnt like the thought of them not having any portraits of the two of them on their special day.
They looked so happy that we had asked, we spent some time with the two of them and headed to a few of Brightons most scenic spots, The Royal Pavilion, along Brightons busy beach where a lot of people cheered and congratulated the new married couple and then onto Brightons Victorian Bandstand where I suggested they could have their first dance so they picked a song and played it on their phone and danced so beautifully on the band stand as if they were the only two there.
It was such an unplanned afternoon but so special and iā€™m really glad I happened to be shopping in that spot on that Monday afternoon to meet these two and capture some pictures they will hopefully have for years to come.
Brighton is such a fun, colourful location filled with so much character its perfect for an elopement or fun intimate wedding!
Here are the pictures,